The voters and taxpayers of South Jeffco's House District 22 deserve a bold, principled conservative to lead the fight against the liberal agenda and privileged insiders. This year, we get to decide whether our legislator in South Jeffco will be just another arrogant insider in downtown Denver or a leader for a smaller, humbler state government -- whether we represent Jeffco values or Washington D.C. swamp values.

I will not waver from what I believe in, which is why I give my word to you that I will fight for the core principles in My Conservative Commitment to Colorado and the issues below.

My Commitment to a Conservative Colorado:

“You have my word that everyday as your state representative, I will work to bring humility back to state government and restore the people’s trust.”

- Frank Francone

Shrink Big, Bloated Government

  • Protect the Taxpayer Bill Of Rights
  • Cut Oppressive Regulation and Red Tape
  • Remove Power From Unelected Bureaucrats

End the Arrogance of Denver’s Political Elites

  • Respect and Protect the Right to Life
  • Fix Our Roads Without Raising Taxes
  • Defund Sanctuary Cities and Stop Illegal Immigration

Wrestle Control from the Swamp

  • Protect Our Religious Freedom
  • Defend Our 2nd Amendment Gun Rights
  • Return Power to We, the People

Taxes, Spending, and Government:

I have been leading the fight in Jeffco to protect TABOR, your “Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights,” for more than ten years.

As your representative, you won’t hear me bragging about big, new programs I have sponsored and taxes I have raised to fund them. New programs, new regulations, and new taxes are not the solution to every problem – although when you read the paper, it seems like folks under the Golden Dome in Denver think so.

I want to see a more modest, humble, and Constitutional Colorado government that listens to the voters and taxpayers first, not special interests and political insiders.


We need to vigorously enforce our existing laws about illegal immigration. And, we need to put an end to sanctuary cities in Colorado once and for all.

Roads and Bridges:

Sick of sitting in traffic? We have 2018 congestion on roads suited for the 1960's. Yet democrats refuse to spend a penny of the state budget to bring us into the 21st century. The solution is simple.

Fix our roads. No tax increases. No toll roads.

Colorado's state budget will increase by a whopping $800 million next year. So there is plenty of money to fix the roads with no new taxes. And I will fight to make that happen.


I am 100% pro-life. Nothing is more important than protecting the most innocent amongst us. I am proud to be endorsed by the most pro-life legislators in Colorado.


Our son has attended charter schools, been homeschooled, and this year, he is graduating from Columbine High with honors. We were able to pick what was best for our son at each stage of his development. So I am passionate about preserving and extending school choice for all parents and kids in South Jeffco and I will oppose schemes that deny parents the power to make the best decision for their kids.

Our schools need to teach to high-standards -- to teach values and thinking and not to force our teachers to teach-to-the-test. So I will fight Common-Core and other stultifying shackles on our teachers.

Our schools need to educate, not indoctrinate: "What's-wrong-with-America" is not a curriculum, it is an ideology that has no place in our schools.

With education moving online and increasingly giving schools and corporate providers far greater ability to monitor and mine electronic data on our kids, we must become very conscious of protecting their privacy of our children. No school should be administering surveys and collecting data on children without the express, prior, written permission of the parent. What data is collected should be zealously guarded by our schools and not provided to others.

2nd Amendment:

I believe the 2nd Amendment is a fundamental American right -- the "First Freedom." As an NRA certified firearms instructor and longtime shooter, I’ve spent countless hours teaching people the value of the right to keep and bear arms and will fight to protect those rights.


Colorado's fossil fuel industry employs tens of thousands of Coloradans with high-paying jobs and is a major contributor to America's proud push to be the largest producer of oil, gas, and coal in the world. All this, with some of the strictest safety and environmental regulations in the nation.

I will fight the radical, left-wing efforts to eliminate our safe fossil fuel industries and destroy our citizens' livelihoods.

Renewable energy should not be ignored. It should be allowed to grow and flourish with a minimum of government interference and involvement. In the long run, that approach will produce the strongest, most sustainable, and most affordable energy for all Coloradans.

Right to Work:

No one should be forced to join a union to get a job. I will lead the fight against forced unionism.

Health Care:

We need to reject "Obamacare” (no, it’s not gone) by repealing the state’s bloated, expensive and radical health care exchange. Many of our healthcare problems were created by Obamacare. But many were created right here in Colorado and we need to fix those problems here with choice and free-markets.

American Exceptionalism:

America is exceptional. We should be proud of that and let our light shine.