I believe the residents of House District 22 deserve a bold, principled conservative to help them lead the fight against the liberal agenda and privileged insiders.

I will never waiver from what I believe in. I will fight for these core principles:

Taxes, Spending, and Government:

I have been leading the fight in Jeffco to protect TABOR, your “Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights,” for more than ten years.

As your representative, you won’t hear me bragging about big, new programs I have sponsored and taxes I have raised to fund them. New programs, new regulations, and new taxes are not the solution to every problem – although when you read the paper, it seems like folks under the Golden Dome in Denver think so.

We know that every important thing in Colorado comes from the people of Colorado. I want to see a more modest, humble, and Constitutional Colorado government that represents the voters and taxpayers first, not the special interests.


I am 100% pro-life. Nothing is more important than protecting the most innocent amongst us. I am proud to be endorsed by the most pro-life legislators in Colorado.


I am passionate about school choice. I will fight to repeal Common-Core and oppose other schemes that don’t give parents the ability to make the best decision for their son or daughter. We must protect the privacy of all children. No school should be administering surveys and collecting data on children without the express, prior, written permission of the parent.

2nd Amendment:

I believe the 2nd Amendment is a fundamental American right. As a certified firearms instructor and longtime shooter, I’ve spent countless hours teaching people the value of the right to keep and bear arms and will fight to protect those rights.

Right to Work:

No one should be forced to join a union to get a job. I will lead the fight against forced unionism.

Health Care:

We need to reject "Obamacare” (no, it’s not gone) by repealing the state’s bloated, expensive and radical health care exchange. Many of our healthcare problems were created by Obamacare. But many were created right here in Colorado and we need to fix those problems here.


We need to vigorously enforce our existing laws about illegal immigration. And, we need to put an end to sanctuary cities in Colorado once and for all.